Family names

15 Jun

Those of you know me, and know me well, know all about my obsession with love of names.  I appreciate it’s not a “normal” interest for an 18-year old young woman to have, but it doesn’t hurt anyone, and it keeps me out of trouble!

I’ve been researching my family tree over the last year and have discovered some wonderful names, both in my direct line, and on the branches.  I want to share my name discoveries over the coming weeks and I thought I’d start today with grandparents through to great-great-great-great-grandparents.


Maternal Side

Violet Mary & Edward William Peter Jr.

Mary Jean & Albert Athur (Violet’s parents)
Beatrice Anne & Edward William Peter Sr. (Edward’s parents)

Rose Kathleen & Gilbert Arthur (Mary’s parents)
Agnes Gertrude Mary & Arthur George (Albert’s parents)
Harriet Sophia & Ernest Richard (Beatrice’s parents)
Helena Florence Eliza & Herbert Henry William (Edward’s parents)

Abigail Eliza & Charles William (Rose’s parents)
Charlotte Jane & Algernon Frederick Jr. (Gilbert’s parents)
Eliza Ellen & Francis Sylvester John (Agnes’ parents)
Violetta Susan & Abraham Charles (Arthur’s parents)
Edith Catherine & Edward Henry (Harriet’s parents)
Clarissa Margaret & Ethelbert Thomas (Ernest’s parents)
Amelia Florence & Charles William Bertram (Helena’s parents)
Maud Evangeline May & Clarence Herbert Walter (Herbert’s parents)

Matilda Louisa & Joseph Samuel (Abigail’s parents)
Emily Eliza & Christopher John (Charles’ parents)
Sarah Charlotte & George William (Charlotte’s parents)
Mary Elizabeth & Algernon Frederick Sr. (Algernon’s parents)
Betsy Anne & Wittington James (Eliza’s parents)
Adelaide Mary Frances & Sylvester John William (Francis’ parents)
Agnessa Mary & George William ( Violetta’s parents)
Keziah Emily & Josiah Reuben (Abraham’s parents)
Mary Matilda & Sutcliffe Henry (Edith’s parents)
Phebe Alice & Henry Pearson (Edward’s parents)
Rose Charlotte & Isaac Augustine (Clarissa’s  parents)
Georgiana Rosa & Meyrick Ethelbert (Ethelbert’s parents)
Mary Frances & Michael William (Amelia’s parents)
Sarah Bell & Bertram Henry Arthur (Charle’s parents)
Ellen Georgina & Thomas John Elijah (Maud’s parents)
Caroline Maria Eve & Herbert Charles Augustus (Herbert’s parents)


Paternal Side

Nora Frances & Arthur Charles Alfred

Catherine Mabel & Frederick James (Nora’s parents)
Rose Gloria & Wilfred Charles George (Arthur’s parents)

Jane Elizabeth & John Whitaker (Catherine’s parents)
Edith Louisa & Francis Silas (Frederick’s parents)
Enid Caroline & Cadwallader David (Rose’s parents)
Elinor Maud & William Arthur Isaac (Wilfred’s parents)

Daisy Kathleen & Reginald Rupert (Jane’s parents)
Etty Elizabeth & Albert Whitaker (John’s parents)
Rose Esther & Ernest George (Edith’s parents)
Alice Amelia & Howard Robert (Francis’ parents)
Patience Olive & David Owen (Enid’s parents)
Keridwen Anne & Theophilus Cadwallader (Cadwallader’s parents)
Annie Elizabeth & William Henry Jr. (Elinor’s parents)
Florence Charlotte Harriet & George Napoleon Isaac (William’s parents)

Jessie Mary & Charles Edward (Daisy’s parents)
Grace Eliza & Herbert Reginald (Reginald’s parents)
Sarah Ann & George William Brutus (Etty’s parents)
Adelaide Mary & Jeremiah William (Albert’s parents)
Isabel Louisa & Thomas Christopher (Rose’s parents)
Rosine Eliza & Sydney George (Ernest’s parents)
Irene Ellen & Dudley Farrar (Alice’s parents)
Dinah Maria & Milton Francis (Howard’s parents)
Hannah Kite & Freeman Charles (Patience’s family)
Elizabeth Alice & Bradwyn David (David’s parent)
Winifred Ellin & Hugh Griffith (Keridwen’s parents)
Margaretha Emily &  Myrddin Theophilus (Theophilus’ parents)
Sarah Thomasine & Edmund Alexander (Annie’s parents)
Lillian Martha & William Henry Sr. (William Henry Jr’s parents)
Essy Margaret Georgina & William Arthur Irving (Florence’s parents)
Susannah Ellen & William Hartley Horence (George’s parents)


To add some context to the origins of the names, I’ll briefly explain the heritage of my family lines.

All direct lines of my family tree can be traced back to Great Britain, predominately England, and on my maternal grandmother’s side we can trace the line as far back as some of the first English settlers.  The most recent link to Britain is my paternal grandfather, who is a Welshman, he emigrated to the U.S. aged just 18.

Some of my generation grandparents listed above were Canadians, all with strictly British (and mainly English) heritage, I haven’t found any other nationalities creep in yet.

In summary, my heritage can best be described as English (75%), Welsh (20%) and Scottish (5%).  The names above certainly reflect that.


At some point, I will post about my particular favorite names from my family tree, having decided this post is long enough as it is.

Anyway, I would love to hear about the names found in your family, whether they’re recent or ones that go back generations in your family tree.


School’s out forever (almost!)

11 Jun

On Thursday I will graduate high school.  I will stand up in front of my class-mates, our families and friends, the entire school community and invited guests, to deliver my valedictorian speech.  Writing the speech was, without doubt, the biggest challenge I’ve faced so far.  A valedictorian speech should reflect on the past, look to the future and (of course) celebrate the present.  And according to one of my teachers, it should also make people laugh and cry, so therefore be both moving and funny.  My speech is now finished and I think it will deliver.  I may even post it up on the blog after Thursday, if it’s well received, if it isn’t then I’ll probably burn it and never speak of it again.

As I sit here thinking about Thursday, I cannot help but get emotional, and there is definitely some sadness about leaving my school.  For all my excitement about the future, and the dreams of what college will bring, inside I feel a pang of sorrow that I will be waving goodbye to a place that has been a second home for 15 years (I started there in preschool, aged just three, as it’s a PK-12 school).  I’ve grown up within the school community, it has been a huge part of my life, and it will be difficult to adjust to the fact that I won’t be walking through those gates anymore.  Well at least not as a student again, I’m sure I will visit on occasion, we are encouraged to do so.

And what of saying goodbye to friends, who are off to college further away, and who I won’t see as often as I do now?  I know what happens, everyone says they’ll keep in touch, but inevitably sometimes people grow apart.  I’m under no illusions that won’t happen to me.  I will more than likely lose tough with and grow apart from some friends, and I know I have to accept that, because changes to friendships is a part of life.  We all go through it and we all have to deal with it at some point.  I haven’t had to deal with it yet, but when the time comes, I’ll be ready.  Sort of.

Despite the sadness at leaving my school community, and the worry about losing touch with friends, my overriding feeling right now is excitement.  Graduating from high school, and moving on to college (Go Jumbos!) is the first “big” milestone in life, it’s when I think adulthood really begins.  This is when my parents start to give up the responsibility they have, it’s going to be my time to make the decisions that will shape and influence my life, it’s time for me to live and learn. I will make mistakes, and my parents will have to stand back and let me make them, knowing I will learn from them.  I’m sure they’re anxious about letting go, but at the same time I’m sure there’s relief too, as this is the last time they’ll do it!

And right on cue, just as I’m harping on about being on the path to adulthood, and saying my parents will now start to handover responsibility of my life, I’m being ordered downstairs for dinner.  Way to make me feel like a child again Mom! 😉

This will be the last time I sign off as a high school student.  The next time you hear from me, I’ll be a ‘rising freshman’. Bring it on!

Sorry, sorry, sorry…

28 May

… I have been neglecting this blog, I know that, and I feel terrible.  However, in my defense, I had my Advanced Placement examinations in mid-May, so my focus was on studying for and taking them.

promise to be better at updating my blog from hereon in.

So anyway, my purpose for blogging today, is to share some good news.

John and Cat (my brother and sister-in-law) are expecting their second child.  Yeah I know, I know, they didn’t hang around did they?! 😉

Splodge (as he/she is being referred to as) has an estimated due date of December 29, 2013 which means he/she could conceivably arrive on mine and Bess’ birthday (Christmas Day).  How cool would that be?

My niece, Lucy was born on September 28, 2012, so there will be about 15 months between her and Splodge.  John and Cat said having two close together was always the plan.  The rest of the plan is wait four years and then have another two close together!

I’m very excited about being an auntie again!


So I have a prom dress…

17 Apr

So I have a prom dress...

… at long last!

My quest to find a nice yet modest prom dress is finally over. There were times I almost gave up but I’m glad I didn’t.

Boston Marathon bombings

16 Apr

I kept meaning to get round to starting this blog properly, but hadn’t done so, and sadly I now start doing so on a terrible note

My heart aches for the people of Boston, especially the friends and family of the dead and injured, in light of the Boston Marathon bombings.

I will never forget the images that appeared on my TV screen yesterday.  They are images that will haunt me forever.

As a New Yorker of sorts – I don’t live in the city itself (I’m a Long Islander) but I go to school in Brooklyn – this brings back memories of 9/11.  It may not have been on the same scale – thank God – but it’s a stark reminder to us all of the threats we face.

(NB: I would like to make it clear that, despite saying the Boston bombings have reminded me of 9/11, I am NOT speculating that this is Al-Qaeda.  Nor am I speculating it was any kind of Islamic splinter group, it may be nothing to do with Islamic militants at all.  It may be domestic terrorism.  Some have suggested it may even be something to do with the North Korea situation (although I don’t believe this to be the case).  Until someone claims responsibility, or a suspect is detained, speculation doesn’t help the situation.  It just inflames it).

I was only six-years old  when 9/11 happened, but I remember it clearly, because it was “my” city.  Well today I’m not just a Long Islander and New Yorker, today I’m also a Bostonian, and I stand with the people of Boston at this dreadful time.

Today is one of those days where it doesn’t matter if we’re Democrat or Republican.  It doesn’t matter what religion we are or indeed whether we don’t have one.  It doesn’t matter if we’re rich or poor. It doesn’t matter if we’re black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American or any other color/creed.  It doesn’t matter if we’re young or old, nor if we’re male or female.  The only thing that matters today, is that we are AMERICANS, and we must stand together with the people of Boston.

And before I sign off, let us also not forget, that today marks six years since the Virginia Tech massacre, a day when 32 innocents were slain.  So I’m not just an honorary Bostonian today, I’m also an honorary Hokie today, and thus I stand with the Virginia Tech community too.  I will never forget.

I will sign off by saying two things.

1) We must not let the person (or people) behind this bombing stop us living our lives.  We must be resilient and carry on our daily lives as we always would.  If we allow terrorists to impact on our lives, and stop us doing the things we do, then they have won.

2) Events like the Boston bombing and Virginia Tech massacre hit home the importance of taking the time to let those we love that we love them.  So take the time to tell the people you love, that you love them, and hug those who you can hug a little bit tighter tonight.

Thanks for reading.

Hello and welcome to my new blog

20 Mar

Well hello there.

For reasons unknown, I have been unable to access my old blog, or even the site it was hosted on.  Therefore I’ve now decided to give up and start anew on WordPress.

It’ll be much the same as before, me writing about life and stuff, and by stuff I mean anything from politics to names.

So thank you for joining me here and enjoy!

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